Changing the Name of Your Small Business

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 by

After reading the Rosten Law blog on choosing a name for your small business, a reader asked what a small business owner should do if he or she is no longer satisfied with the name already chosen and registered. From a legal standpoint, you have some options. From a business perspective, changing the name of your small business can be a hassle. The real challenge is going around and informing vendors, customers, banks, and business associates that you have changed the name of your business and that you want them to switch over the name of the business on their internal records to a new name. If you thought that it was an issue getting your vendors and clients to change your address after a move, wait until you send around a request for them to start calling your business something different! Nonetheless, you have decided that you must change the name of your small business. You should first review the considerations that we enumerated in our blog on how to choose a name for your business. The legal aspects of changing the name of your small business are relatively straightforward. You have at least three choices.