Once you have an ongoing business, however organized, you will have a plethora of various legal agreements with partners, customers, distributors, employees, and consultants. We will help you understand what each part of these agreements require and make sure that these agreements provide protection to you and your business.

Providing business legal services, we draft and review a host of agreements for our clients, including confidentiality agreements, non-compete agreements, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, distribution agreements, joint venture agreements, and teaming agreements. Usually your business may have intellectual property concerns and we can draft license agreements. We review and draft leases for commercial space and we have prepared purchase and sale agreements for commercial property. We can review your employment procedures, employee handbooks and company policies.

And as we create these agreements, we will personally work with you through the process of negotiation, including recognizing possible outcomes and deciding on the desired one, planning contingencies for where negotiations lead, and ultimately making sure that our clients’ interests are protected and that our clients understand the agreements. We have more resource materials on business transactions here.