Government contractors face a whole host of legal issues when working with the government. And with a hands-on approach and personal experience, we will help you navigate those legal issues – such as regulations and requirements for applying – when you are applying for a government contract, so that your small business is able to work effectively in the government marketplace.

As business attorneys advising small government contractors, we will work with you through the process of government procurement: this includes bidding and the award process for contracts, ethics and compliance issues, accounting and pricing rules, private or government audits and investigations, having proper security clearances, domestic preference requirements, and due diligence and transactional assistance. We will work with you at every step of the way, starting with the review and consideration of government solicitations and continuing on through to bid analysis and preparation. We are familiar with the many aspects of doing business with the government and development banks, and as such, we are well-prepared as we aid you in the several areas that will require legal services.

If you want to apply for one of the socioeconomic statuses, such as a woman-owned business, HUBZone business, service disabled veteran-owned small business, small disadvantaged business, (8)a business, we can assist your company. If you have already been approved for one of these programs, we can assist you in determining whether your small business is eligible for certain contracts or how your company can use its preference for certain government contracts.

Whether you are doing business directly with the government or with a prime contractor, you will need to comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulations System (FARS), which are the regulations governing how the government purchases goods and services. As government contract lawyers for small businesses, we can assist your company in complying with these and other government rules and regulations. Similarly, if your business is applying for work financed by the World Bank, you will have to comply with its procurement guidelines.

Should you think that the government agency has not properly followed the rules and regulations regarding a particular procurement, we will provide legal support to determine whether you should file a bid protest with the agency administering the contract, the U.S. Government Accountability Office or the U.S Court of Federal Claims. We will help you put together the bid protest should you decide to file one.

We can also help in defending small businesses in performance and other disputes filed against the company. We have handled matters at all stages of the sanctions process at the World Bank, from cases filed with the world Bank’s Suspension and Debarment Officer (SDO), which typically reviews accusations brought by the Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) of the World Bank, to matters through hearing before the World Bank’s Sanctions Board. We will be by your side to represent your small business before a particular agency or in court. We have more resource materials on government contracting law here.