Once your business has been created, you still have ongoing requirements to maintain the good status of your company. You will have to make sure that your bylaws or operating agreement continues to reflect the needs of the business organization. You will need to prepare corporate minutes or resolutions of the company to conduct business.

Moreover, we will provide counsel for our corporate clients on board fiduciary duties as well as the composition, structure, and process of not only the board’s own formation but also the formation of any board committees.

And once your company is ready to raise additional capital from investors, we can work with you to determine whether you are subject to securities laws or fall within one of the exemptions. If you take on new investors, you may have to write or amend a shareholders’ agreement or an operating agreement. We prepare resolutions and similar corporate documents.

If your business may have to convert to a different form of an entity such as from a limited liability company to a corporation, we will help you make the best decisions for the company. We have more resource materials on corporate law here.