If your business is fortunate to thrive and become a merger or acquisition target, we can represent you as the seller; or if you are on the other side and looking to acquire a business, we can assist with the due diligence in purchasing a business. In either case, your business will need thoughtful and comprehensive representation in all aspects of a merger and acquisition. We will help our clients along every step of the transaction: we will help in the structure, documentation, negotiation, and closure of the transaction as well as conducting due diligence as the deal progresses.

If your business becomes a merger or acquisition target, we will help you work through any technical details mentioned in a letter of intent, and we will help you through the process as you deal with accountants, tax advisors, and other professionals. And, if you seek a business merger or acquisition, we will help you draft a letter of intent and decide on the best choice among a merger, an asset purchase, or an equity or stock purchase.

And if you do choose to make an asset purchase, we will assist you in trying to exclude assets that may not be germane to the business or may carry liability, and to exclude liabilities or other contractual relationships that do not pertain to the acquisition; we will work with you to figure out all of the details of the transaction, including isolating the specific assets and liabilities that pertain to the asset, transferring employees, transferring permits and licenses, and drafting non-compete agreements.

Indeed, regardless of your position in a merger or acquisition, we will help you along at every step of the way. We have more resource materials on purchasing or selling a small business and on mergers and acquisitions here.