You have an idea for an innovative product or new service and you are interested in forming a new business entity. As your small business lawyers, we will assist you in forming the most appropriate business organization and help you decide whether you should organize as a limited liability company (LLC), partnership, S corporation or C corporation. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and we will help you select the option that best fits your needs and your goals. We understand that you can go online and buy the forms: we think we can do more – tailoring your business form to fit your particular needs.

We like to talk with our clients specifically about corporate governance issues. If your business is starting out, we will help you draft the bylaws or operating agreement for your company. We will help you decide how you will regulate your company’s activities with the outside world. Additionally, we will also help you decide how you will regulate your company’s internal affairs and management, such as the procedures for meetings or distributions, as we draft company bylaws or operating agreements. Indeed, we will craft bylaws or operating agreements that will benefit you to greatest effect as they govern aspects of your company’s internal and external affairs, including corporate compliance, corporate governance, risk management, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility matters.

Once we have decided on the appropriate form of organization, we will prepare the articles of organization and operating agreement for a LLC, the articles of incorporation and bylaws for a corporation or the partnership agreement for a partnership. We will also prepare when necessary a stock purchase agreement or a membership interest purchase agreement.

Furthermore, we have also advised on, reviewed and prepared business plans for our clients. Consequently, we have helped our clients put together potent proposals to potential investors, including possible lenders, borrowers, and investors. We will assist you through the process of structuring, negotiating, and closing transactions – including loans, various forms of debt, and even venture financing – so that you are informed on various funding mechanisms for your business.

We will register your new company and file with the appropriate agencies the forms that you will need to operate. And, through our personalized approach to business formation, you will have not only the business that you want but also a business that is practical and manageable. We have more resource materials on startups and business formations here.