In this litigious age, few business enterprises have the luxury of operating over the long term unscathed by legal disputes. What seems like a small matter can quickly escalate from a bothersome smolder to a conflagration if it is not handled with speed, wisdom and skill. The time to address a business dispute is as soon as you are aware of it, not when it bursts into flames.

Keith Rosten and colleagues at Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP are available to assist you from the simplest argument to the most complex multi-party litigation. Whether your business receives a summons and complaint or you believe your business has suffered a wrong that should be addressed by the legal system, we have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process in the manner than will best accomplish your goals while causing the least possible disruption to your business.

We are primarily problem-solvers. In any dispute resolution setting, including the courtroom, we will help you reach sound decisions and implement appropriate legal strategies to bring about an appropriate outcome without losing sight of the fundamentals of your business and its ultimate purpose.

From the most basic business dispute to bet-the-company litigation, our dispute resolution background includes a wide variety of issues.

Our advocacy experience includes contract disputes; member disputes in a limited liability company; partner disputes in a partnership; shareholder disputes in a corporation; business dissolutions; non-competition agreements; real estate and property questions; intellectual property and trade secrets disputes; environmental liabilities; insurance and insurance coverage questions; employee raiding; securities; professional liability; tax controversies; fraud allegations. and many more areas of the law.

My colleagues and I have extensive experience at every stage of the litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes, from the first inkling of a disagreement through trial and the highest possible level of appeal.

We value our commitment to handling your business controversies with as little interference to you and at as reasonable a cost as we can manage while still handling your matters as thoroughly and responsibly as our clients deserve. The success of your business is our highest priority. If that success involves assistance in resolving a dispute or handling litigation, you can rely on us.